We offer a broad spectrum of Dimensional Calibration and repairs, and continue to add new items to our list every day. Contact us with any and all questions you have regarding calibration.  Please Click on the A2LA Logo to get a complete breakdown of our services through the official Scope.

Our Services


Plain Plug Gages
Gage Balls

Precision Reference Specimens
Gage Blocks 

Height Gages 

Radius Gage
Height Masters 

Riser Blocks  

Length Standards 

Setting Master Disks 
Micrometer Depth 

Step Block 123 
Micrometer Groove 

Thread Pipe Plug Gages 
Micrometer Outside 

Thread Plug Gages 

Thread Ring Gages 
Pin Gage Set 

Thread Set Plug Gages 
Thread Wires